Saint Jerome Catholic School is a Middle States accredited school.  It was reaccredited in the Spring of 1999.  The goal of our Middle States Project was to strengthen our Catholic Identity within the school and the families of our school community.  There is a strong emphasis on prayer and spirituality.  All students attend mass at least twice a month.  The students serve in our liturgies as altar servers,  lectors, cantors and in the presentation of the gifts.  Once a week a different grade receives the sacrament of Reconciliation.  We are dedicated to teaching and practicing the traditions of our faith.  A variety of prayer services are experienced throughout the year.  As a school we begin each day with prayer via our closed circuit TV system.  This prayer is lead by two students.  As a concrete means of fostering a knowledge of religion we instituted a Religion Bowl.  This began as a competition within our school.  In the Spring of 1999 this evolved into a District Seven Religion Bowl.  All the Catholic Schools in our district were invited to participate in the competition.  At present, the competition is held in-house. 

The present enrollment at Saint Jerome School is approximately 440 students.  An all-day Pre-K program is available for 4 year olds and a  3 year old program runs 3 mornings. This program runs Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 2:30 PM.  There are two full-day kindergartens.  Throughout the school there are two  classes per grade and the average class size is 20-25.

A state of the art computer lab was installed in 1999 thanks to a Connelly Grant of $40,000.  A new computer lab was installed during the summer of 2008 thanks in part to a grant from the Maurice Romy Foundation and our annual Race for Education. A new server was purchased at this time, also.  All students in grades one through eight go to the lab once a week for instruction on the computer.  By the time our students reach eighth grade they are learning how to develop a power point presentation.  The classroom teachers work  with the computer teacher to integrate the grade curriculum with computer skills.   The computers in the Lab the classrooms and in the Library have access to the Internet. 

We have a music/art teacher who helps give the students an appreciation for the fine arts.  We also have a full time physical education teacher.
  A Youth Choir and a Hand Bell Choir add to our liturgies on special school occasions and at parish masses on holidays and special occasions.  Each Spring, a Creative Arts Festival is held. The students art work is displayed and the different musical groups have the opportunity to entertain their families and friends.

We are proud to be a part of the Archdiocesan Honors Math Program.  This allows those students who meet the necessary criteria to be more challenged and accelerate in the area of mathematics.  This also provides some of our students with the opportunity to test out of algebra I in high school. Under the direction of several faculty members, our Mathletes students are afforded the opportunity to sharpen their curricular and non-curricular areas of Math. Several students have won and placed in Archdiocesan and regional competitions.

Annually, we have a Science Fair.  The students in the sixth, seventh, and eighth grade display the results of their experiments and research.  The scientific method is taught and required in all projects.  A fifth grade Science Fair is held later in the year after the students have learned about the scientific method.

We have an active Student Council.  Throughout the year they sponsor a variety of activities.  They raise money which is always used for the entire student body.  They have initiated service projects and serve at religious services.

We are also pleased to have an active CYO.  There is a strong adult support and leadership in this organization.  They follow the guidelines of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia for CYO organizations.  Here too, the children learn the importance of their faith and of service to others.

Throughout the week our students have the opportunity to purchase a hot lunch.  A menu is provided in the monthly Newsletter so that students and their parents are aware of what is being served.  Thursdays are pizza and hoagie days and this program is sponsored by the Home and School Association.  Orders forms are given to all students. They should be filled out and returned to school to place an order.

A CARES Program is provided for our students.  Our teachers staff this program.  It runs from the close of the school day until 6:00P.M.  Students must be registered in the program to use this service.  A booklet containing the rules and regulation as well as fees is distributed the night of registration.  Registration is usually the first week of school.
A tutoring program is available for those students needing extra help. Several of our teachers staff that program Our teachers also staff a summer school program for those students who have failed a subject or need reinforcement of skills.  Arrangements can be made for either program by contacting the school office.

An Art Club is offered under the direction of a faculty member for students in 5th through 8th grades.

A Creative Arts Program is held Tuesday after school.  A variety of dance forms are taught to any one interested, from three years of age to thirteen years old.  Drama classes are also a part of this program on Tuesdays.
Saint Jerome School offers a summer camp program.  It begins the week after school closes and ends the middle of August.  There are a variety of activities for the children:  arts and crafts, field trips, swimming, and games.  Fliers with information, fees and registration are sent out through the school.  Anyone outside the parish requesting this information should send a self address stamped envelope to Saint Jerome School and the flier will be mailed to you.

One of our strongest assets is our faculty.  They are people who are dedicated to the mission of Catholic Education.