The mission of the Home & School Association is to be a body that educates parents in many avenues related to their children throughout the elementary years. We profess our belief and faithfulness to the Gospel of Christ and will work to support the school program. Our aim is to create a spirit of joy, enthusiasm and involvement in all areas that will enhance the elementary school years of our children. We offer our service to the work of St. Jerome Church as it enables the school to continue as a ministry of the larger Church. 

St. Jerome
Home & School Association
SCHOOL YEAR 2012-2013

President:  Susan Hoger

Vice President:  Donna Diviny

Secretary:  Patty Guarna

Treasurer:  Nalana Hinds

Debbie Cerruti
                                            Helene Custren
Kim Hornbaker
                                            Jen Leonard
Wednesday Widmeir
Our Home and School Association works tirelessly to provide activities and supplies to the students and teachers. Please send in your $5.00 Association fee by September 27th. Home and School organizes the pizza lunches every Thursday. They buy supplies for the classrooms. They host student dances and functions for parents. They present meetings throughout the year with guest speakers with opportunities for parents to help their children. Support this very worthy organization!
With your help the Home and School was able to provide the following:
* Gifts for Communion & Confirmation classes
* Assemblies
* Catholic Schools Week & Sneaker Day treats
* Donation and Award for Graduating class